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Our mission is to provide quality, results driven wellness remedies to heal the body and soul. We are committed to serving our clients to the absolute best of our ability to help them reach their wellness goals. We take the time to nurture a strong therapeutic relationship and strive to exceed your expectations. The space at Boyne City Massage and Wellness Studio is warm and comforting with a cozy ambiance over looking Lake Charlevoix. The focus is on you and making you feel at home while you experience our custom services of wellness and beauty. Our goal is to provide a memorable experience with lasting results. 

 Heal, Relax, Rejuvenate and Restore. Start feeling better today.


Jennifer Clasman-Ammerman, or better know as Jenny, is a licensed massage therapist serving Boyne City Michigan. She studied massage therapy and bodywork at the Mind Body Institute in Petoskey Michigan. Her training included an intuitive holistic approach to deep tissue, Swedish, trigger points, myofascial release, reflexology and sports massage. She then continued her education to offer silicone cupping. Currently, she is taking more oncology massage credits as this type of massage is near and dear to her heart. This winter she will travel to Cincinatti Ohio to train for Ashiatsu table massage.  This education will help her better serve our clients as they are growing and changing. 

"There is nothing more inspiring then to witness my clients transform into healthy, pain free humans. I've been blessed by the people of Boyne and surrounding areas in allowing me to be their catalyst that sparks the change inside their minds and bodies. Once I can stop the pain spasm pain cycle, then the body can begin to heal. And when the body begins to heal so does the mind. Its a beautiful experience for both the client and myself. Massage is my passion and life's work." -Jenny Clasman 



Maryellen Werstine is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist of 20 years and holds a nationally certification in massage therapy. Maryellen is also a certified life and leadership coach and offers wellness coaching to help empower her clients. Through continuing education, she is constantly evolving her skills and staying on the cutting edge of industry standards. She has worked with thousands of clients over the years to help them reach their wellness goals through the power of healing body work and wellness coaching. Maryellen has an intuitive approach that looks beyond the obvious to make sustainable change in the body that supports natural healing. She utilizes a multitude of different modalities to customize every single service to cater to her clients changing needs. She has a knack for finding areas that need to be addressed to help her clients alleviate pain, recover from injury and restore balance back to the body and soul. Her skin care services are rejuvenating, comprehensive and results driven. She uses only the purest products from Eminence Skin care that yields results and is eco-friendly. Clients notice a different in their skin right away and agree that Maryellen's facial services are some of the best in northern MI. Most clients that find their way to her become clients for life. Maryellen is passionate about health and wellness and helping her clients live a more enriched life. To read a full bio and learn more about Maryellen, click here.


Introducing Erin Fortune:

I started attending the weekday evening classes at Mind Body Institute in September of 2017. I was living in a tiny apartment with my cat, and waited tables every weekend to pay my bills. I was literally that waitress doing college homework in the corner of the restaurant when it was slow. I constantly gave out tons of free massage to not only practice techniques, but to boost my stamina and increase my strength. And believe me; I always had a lot of eager volunteers. I found myself specializing in therapeutic massage - mainly intrigued with the intense healing of deep tissue and trigger point release. I graduated with a 91% overall grade, and received my certificate in August of 2018. I was so eager to follow my dream that I gave a 3 week notice at my waitressing job before I even took my state licensure examination.

Good thing I passed it on the first try.

I have always been massaging in some way; ever since I can remember understanding the importance of touch. It's just always been a natural instinct for me. Giving a tight hug for comfort, instinctively massaging an area I had injured, rubbing someone’s back to relax or calm them, the list goes on. I vividly remember massaging my mother’s best friend when she was diagnosed with cancer. I was 8 years old. It’s been embedded in my soul for as long as I can remember, and the intuition needed for massage has always been obvious to me. The human body interests me to no end, and I am still constantly researching and learning more about my passion. There is no limit to the knowledge that is accessible to us nowadays, and I plan to take full advantage of that.

My soul continues to pour out an abundance of gratitude and contentment, as I now have the opportunity to practice my passion in my hometown. My passion is to simple - to assist others on their journeys to wellness. Their journeys of healing, their journeys to peace and comfort, their journeys of finding ways to make themselves happy again. Whatever their journey entails, I strive to offer a massage for anyone and everyone. I value peace, comfort, and I recognize the astronomically large amount of need for relaxation and stress-relief in this society. Above all else, I'm thankful that I get to share this with a community like Boyne City.

​My home.